About Me

Here goes nothing – I’ve had the idea to start a lifestyle blog for some time now (what 20-something year old hasn’t), I figured there’s no better time then now! If you’re new to the blog this is where you can get to know me and a little more about what this blog is about! This blog is all about my crazy journey to a new home across the country with my new husband, life as a military wife, and preparing for our bundle of joy to join us here soon in April!

I decided to start this blog in hopes to interest some people on what it’s like to be 20, a military wife, a new mom, and trying to figure out who I am all at the same time.

Here’s what I have figured out, my name is Lauren, a 20 year old self proclaimed foodie who, has never lived anywhere but the small suburbs where I was born. Some call me boring, I prefer to say I’m an old soul. I just recently married my best friend Avery who serves our country as a U.S. soldier. I like to say I’m his better half, but he’s the comedian of the two of us, he never ceases to make me laugh. He is totally the yin to my yang. We met our junior year of high school and completely hated each other. Neither one of us thought a year later we would be totally obsessed with one another and moving across the country together as well as expecting our first baby!

I hope to share with you all the ups and downs of this life, and all the new things I learn becoming a new mom! Check back every Monday for new posts about mom life, married life, and more! 



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