My birth story: Welcoming Jaxon Avery 

To start, I had two false alarms, one where I thought my water had broke but it turns out I just peed on myself! Yeah, that was fun. The baby was positioned face up and was digging his head into my back causing me to have back labor for 2 days before I was admitted to the hospital! Let me tell you, those last 2 days I cried.. A lot. 

March 27th the night finally came. My husband and I had just got home from one of our “false alarm” hospital runs. The doctor told me my contractions weren’t strong enough and sent us home. Little did he know we would be back just a few hours later. We returned home from the hospital around 9:30 at night. I was in so much pain in my back I decided to lay in our guest bedroom where the bed is very firm, hoping it would ease the pain. For a few hours the contractions came every 2-3 minutes and I could get through it by getting on all fours and swaying back and forth.

By 2 am the morning of the 28th I could NOT do it anymore. I tried to walk around my living room to ease the pain and every contraction would send me to the floor crying. I consider myself someone who has a pretty high pain tolerance but this was intense! I had heard back labor could be worse than regular labor but I had no idea it would feel like this! I could barely breathe right in between contractions so I knew this was it (and if it wasn’t I didn’t want to know what was.)

I finally woke my husband up and we headed back to the hospital around 2:30am. The nurse checked me once we got there and I had changed out of my clothes and was all hooked up to the monitors. I could barely lay in the triage bed it hurt so bad. The only way I could get through was to rock back and forth on my hands and knees.  The nurse checked me and I was 5cm FINALLY enough for them to admit me! The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural and I couldn’t get the word yes out of my mouth fast enough. The next thing she said was the best thing I had ever heard in that moment, “When?” 

“NOW!? Can I have one now??” I walked for 15 minutes and then was taken to my room at 3:30 where the anesthesiologist met me in my room with the epidural. 

The last contraction I felt was so intense it made me throw up. I was so over it. I thought when I she administered the epidural I would feel a lot of pressure in my back but I think because the pain was already so intense I didn’t feel a thing! I remember when the doctor said “Oh I think you just had a contraction.” And I didn’t feel a THING. I was so happy.
Since all my family lives in Florida I was on FaceTime with my mom the whole time. Even though she was physically there it was nice to have her voice to listen to. 

(See the two phones propped up on the table? That’s my mom and sister phoning in for some moral support. You can also see my extremely happy face since I was no longer in pain) 

By 8am I was 7cm and my water still hadn’t broke on its own. So my doctor finally got to the hospital and broke my water. It was a huge relief once it broke but I felt like I was peeing myself for the next few hours which was kind of a weird feeling. 

After she broke my water I was expecting it to be a few more hours before I would start pushing. I was wrong. 

At around 9am my doctor came back in the room and I was 10cm and ready to push! We had to wake my husband up who had been sleeping in the corner. My doctor initially said to try some “practice pushes” well 8 “practice pushes” and 15 minutes later we had a baby! 

May 28th at 9:13am we welcomed Jaxon Avery into the world! 6lbs 6oz of pure angel baby perfection! 

I never knew I could love someone SO much it almost makes my heart hurt. We were able to leave the hospital the next day. I couldn’t wait to get my baby home. My mom joined us a few days later to help us settle into being new parents. 

It’s been three months now since bring baby home now and he gets more perfect everyday. 
Thanks for reading about my birth story and going on the crazy ride with me. 

Wish my luck and keep coming back for updates on how baby J is growing! 



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