5 Tips for traveling with baby 

If you’re anything like me and like to travel or your family lives half way across the country you find yourself taking trips with baby pretty often and need all the help you can get. Me and baby J have traveled back home to Florida a few times now and here is my list of 5 things I couldn’t live without when traveling.

1. Babywearing: I don’t know about your little one but Jaxon loves to be worn, but now that he’s older he also loves to be able to look around not staring at my chest. I’ve found that the easier the carrier the better when traveling. I loved wearing Jaxon in a wrap when he was tiny but all the fabric makes it’s a little difficult in the airport. My WildBird ring sling or ErgoBaby 360 are my favorite when at the airport. 

(Pictured above is my WildBird Ringsling in color Warbler!) 

2. Backpack diaper bag: I have never appreciated a backpack more than when I am in the airport. With all the extra stuff I have to pack the weight being distributed evenly while I wear baby and have to carry a bag is amazing. My favorite bag in my FawnDesign diaper bag. I get so many compliments and you can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag! It’s has 5 pockets inside and is nice and spacious. There are also two side pockets and 2 front pockets. Sadly I’ve never got a good picture of me wearing it but there’s a picture below of the FawnDesign brown bag and you can see more on their site!

3. Familiar place for baby to sleep: If your baby is anything like mine you don’t want to change ANYTHING when it comes to their sleep routine so whenever we travel we always take our life-saving Dockatot with us! This has helped my little man with just about every sleep problem we’ve had. It’s honestly the number 1 baby must have in my opinion. It’s breathable and keeps baby feeling snug and secure all night, which in turns help them sleep through the night no matter where you are!  

4. Hands free bottle: When my family and I go home we often have to travel between my parents and my in-laws. Baby J always seems to get hungry in the car and this hands free bottle has made my life so much easier! I found mine for $10 on Amazon for 2! They suck on it just like they would a pacifier while the bottle can sit in between their legs in the car seat. 

5. Distractions: My little man is getting to the age where he doesn’t really sleep much on a plane anymore. So we bring lots of toys and always he favorite lovie or paci. Anything to keep him happy and enjoying himself as much as possible! We bring small toys and tethers, like his play phone and banana shaped tether that he loves! 

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to share with all your mommy friends who made need some tips for traveling with baby! 



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