Expect the unexpected: Our gastroschisis journey part 2

Once again, I’ve sat down a few times to write this post and wasn’t really sure how to get it all out. So here goes nothing!

As many women who have had healthy pregnancies I never expected anything to be wrong when I got pregnant again. I was definitely one of those woman who took my healthy pregnancy and easy labor and perfectly healthy baby for granted the first time around.

While we were given the diagnosis of gastroschisis early on at our 12 week ultrasound, we were always told that gastroschisis babies tend to do extremely well during pregnancy and even after delivery. Our baby was a rock star at every appoitment! Even practicing breathing early on, constant movement and great variability in his heartbeat.

Spending 2 days out of the week at doctors appointments became my new normal. Our visits always took less than half an hour, so when I went in for my routine BPP (bio physical profile) for the second time that week I didn’t expect anything different. 

This was the worst mistake I made. 

Never get too comfortable with the way things are going. Ever. 

Everything changed in the blink of an eye. The fetal dopplers showed that our baby had absent blood flow in his umbilical cord, which if goes unnoticed can cause decreased movement and a high risk for a stillbirth. 

I held it together when the doctor told us to pack our bags and head to Denver where I would be delivering but as soon as we walked out of the office I crumbled into a ball of tears. I was only 30 weeks pregnant and our little man had a LOT more growing he needed to do. 

I was numb the entire drive to the hospital, not really knowing what the next hours or days were going to look like. Was I going to have my baby? Was my baby going to be okay? 

I was admitted to the hospital and immediately taken for another ultrasound to check blood flow again. This time they got better results. Thanks be to God. 

I stayed in the hospital for a total of 10 days. Everyday things seemed to get a little better. Some nights, things were crazy. At one point they even though my water broke! But thankfully, here we are at 34 weeks along and the bun is still in the oven! 

There’s still a very rocky road ahead of us. If all goes well baby boy will have until 37 weeks to put on as much weight as possible before they induce me! We know there is a possibly very lengthy NICU stay in our future, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

I share all of this in hopes to reach other moms out there who may be looking for advice or a similar story to theirs. I don’t want to scare you when I say to not get too comfortable or to expect the unexpected, but with our babies this is how we have to think now. 

I have faith God chose me and my baby for a reason. We know our little boy is a fighter and God must think all of us who go through this are strong enough to carry them through this journey. So have faith that God truly never gives us more than we can handle. 

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Please keep us in your prayers and wish us luck! 



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