5 Tips for traveling with baby 

If you’re anything like me and like to travel or your family lives half way across the country you find yourself taking trips with baby pretty often and need all the help you can get. Me and baby J have traveled back home to Florida a few times now and here is my list of 5 things I couldn’t live without when traveling.

1. Babywearing: I don’t know about your little one but Jaxon loves to be worn, but now that he’s older he also loves to be able to look around not staring at my chest. I’ve found that the easier the carrier the better when traveling. I loved wearing Jaxon in a wrap when he was tiny but all the fabric makes it’s a little difficult in the airport. My WildBird ring sling or ErgoBaby 360 are my favorite when at the airport. 

(Pictured above is my WildBird Ringsling in color Warbler!) 

2. Backpack diaper bag: I have never appreciated a backpack more than when I am in the airport. With all the extra stuff I have to pack the weight being distributed evenly while I wear baby and have to carry a bag is amazing. My favorite bag in my FawnDesign diaper bag. I get so many compliments and you can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag! It’s has 5 pockets inside and is nice and spacious. There are also two side pockets and 2 front pockets. Sadly I’ve never got a good picture of me wearing it but there’s a picture below of the FawnDesign brown bag and you can see more on their site!

3. Familiar place for baby to sleep: If your baby is anything like mine you don’t want to change ANYTHING when it comes to their sleep routine so whenever we travel we always take our life-saving Dockatot with us! This has helped my little man with just about every sleep problem we’ve had. It’s honestly the number 1 baby must have in my opinion. It’s breathable and keeps baby feeling snug and secure all night, which in turns help them sleep through the night no matter where you are!  

4. Hands free bottle: When my family and I go home we often have to travel between my parents and my in-laws. Baby J always seems to get hungry in the car and this hands free bottle has made my life so much easier! I found mine for $10 on Amazon for 2! They suck on it just like they would a pacifier while the bottle can sit in between their legs in the car seat. 

5. Distractions: My little man is getting to the age where he doesn’t really sleep much on a plane anymore. So we bring lots of toys and always he favorite lovie or paci. Anything to keep him happy and enjoying himself as much as possible! We bring small toys and tethers, like his play phone and banana shaped tether that he loves! 

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to share with all your mommy friends who made need some tips for traveling with baby! 



Baby O’Kane 3 month update! 

I can’t believe how fast these last 3 months have gone. People always warned me that in the blink of an eye your little one has grown up, and it’s the truth! I still remember vividly feeling his tiny little feet kicking me when I was pregnant. I also remembering thinking he was NEVER going to get here! And now 3 months have passed and it’s hard to remember what life was like before this bundle of joy joined our family. 

It’s been the most magical 3 months of my life. Seeing life through a child’s eyes is something truly amazing. The way he lights up when he sees his Daddy melts my heart every time.

He is a BIG talker now! He loves to sit up, and loves to stand and jump! He is constantly on the move, from the second he opens his eyes in the morning his little arms and legs are moving like crazy! I know I’m going to be in trouble when he’s older! He hates tummy time but is a pro at it. He has started trying to roll over and I know he’ll get it soon! He drinks 6oz every 2 hours and is officially out of 0-3 month clothes. He’s growing so fast! He loves being outside and stays awake whenever we ride in the car now! He went swimming for the very first time and absolutely loved it! We definitely have a water baby on our hands and I love it! 

He is definitely a Mommas boy but loves to listen to his daddy talk. 

I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us. My little man has already grown and changed so much I can’t wait to see his little personality and character start to show! 

Check back next month for our 4 month baby O’Kane update! 


Copy-cat Olive Garden fettuccini Alfredo recipe

If you know me you know that I love food! And pasta is my favorite by far! I’m always looking for new pasta recipes, and most unfortunately just don’t do it for me. But this Alfredo recipe hits the spot every time and I find myself not wanting to go out to restraunts to pay for something I can make at home. My husband even prefers this recipe over Olive Gardens and says it’s better!

This recipe is super easy and only takes about 20 minutes to make. The recipe calls for shrimp, but you can easily make it with chicken or with no protein at all! Now, instead of writing about it anymore and making this a super long intro which your probably going to scroll past anyway here it is! I hope you all enjoy!




12 ounces fettuccine

Olive oil (for tossing)

3/4 pound large shrimp (about 16)

Black pepper

1 stick of butter (8tbl)

2 cups heavy cream

2 punches nutmeg

1 1/2 cups Parmesan cheese


Bring a large pot of water to a boil, and salt generously. Add the pasta, and boil according to package directions until al dente, tender but still slightly firm. Strain, and toss with a splash of oil.

Meanwhile, arrange the shrimp in a single layer on a large pie pan or paper plate, and pat them with a paper towel until completely dry. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat a large skillet over medium heat, and add 2 tablespoons of the butter. When the butter melts, raise the heat to medium-high, and invert the plate of shrimp over the skillet so the shrimp fall into the pan all at once. Cook the shrimp, without moving them, until the underside is pink, 1 to 2 minutes. Flip the shrimp, and cook until fully pink and cooked through, about 2 minutes more. Transfer the shrimp to a bowl.

Reduce the heat to medium, and add the remaining 6 tablespoons butter. Scrape the bottom of the skillet with a wooden spoon to release any browned bits. When the butter has mostly melted, whisk in the cream and nutmeg and bring to a simmer, then cook for 2 minutes. Lower the heat to keep the sauce warm.

Whisk the Parmesan  into the sauce. Add the shrimp and cooked pasta, and toss well. Season with salt and pepper. Serve!
I hope your family loves this recipe as much as mine does! Enjoy


Copyright 2015 Television Food Network, G.P. All rights reserved.

My birth story: Welcoming Jaxon Avery 

To start, I had two false alarms, one where I thought my water had broke but it turns out I just peed on myself! Yeah, that was fun. The baby was positioned face up and was digging his head into my back causing me to have back labor for 2 days before I was admitted to the hospital! Let me tell you, those last 2 days I cried.. A lot. 

March 27th the night finally came. My husband and I had just got home from one of our “false alarm” hospital runs. The doctor told me my contractions weren’t strong enough and sent us home. Little did he know we would be back just a few hours later. We returned home from the hospital around 9:30 at night. I was in so much pain in my back I decided to lay in our guest bedroom where the bed is very firm, hoping it would ease the pain. For a few hours the contractions came every 2-3 minutes and I could get through it by getting on all fours and swaying back and forth.

By 2 am the morning of the 28th I could NOT do it anymore. I tried to walk around my living room to ease the pain and every contraction would send me to the floor crying. I consider myself someone who has a pretty high pain tolerance but this was intense! I had heard back labor could be worse than regular labor but I had no idea it would feel like this! I could barely breathe right in between contractions so I knew this was it (and if it wasn’t I didn’t want to know what was.)

I finally woke my husband up and we headed back to the hospital around 2:30am. The nurse checked me once we got there and I had changed out of my clothes and was all hooked up to the monitors. I could barely lay in the triage bed it hurt so bad. The only way I could get through was to rock back and forth on my hands and knees.  The nurse checked me and I was 5cm FINALLY enough for them to admit me! The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural and I couldn’t get the word yes out of my mouth fast enough. The next thing she said was the best thing I had ever heard in that moment, “When?” 

“NOW!? Can I have one now??” I walked for 15 minutes and then was taken to my room at 3:30 where the anesthesiologist met me in my room with the epidural. 

The last contraction I felt was so intense it made me throw up. I was so over it. I thought when I she administered the epidural I would feel a lot of pressure in my back but I think because the pain was already so intense I didn’t feel a thing! I remember when the doctor said “Oh I think you just had a contraction.” And I didn’t feel a THING. I was so happy.
Since all my family lives in Florida I was on FaceTime with my mom the whole time. Even though she was physically there it was nice to have her voice to listen to. 

(See the two phones propped up on the table? That’s my mom and sister phoning in for some moral support. You can also see my extremely happy face since I was no longer in pain) 

By 8am I was 7cm and my water still hadn’t broke on its own. So my doctor finally got to the hospital and broke my water. It was a huge relief once it broke but I felt like I was peeing myself for the next few hours which was kind of a weird feeling. 

After she broke my water I was expecting it to be a few more hours before I would start pushing. I was wrong. 

At around 9am my doctor came back in the room and I was 10cm and ready to push! We had to wake my husband up who had been sleeping in the corner. My doctor initially said to try some “practice pushes” well 8 “practice pushes” and 15 minutes later we had a baby! 

May 28th at 9:13am we welcomed Jaxon Avery into the world! 6lbs 6oz of pure angel baby perfection! 

I never knew I could love someone SO much it almost makes my heart hurt. We were able to leave the hospital the next day. I couldn’t wait to get my baby home. My mom joined us a few days later to help us settle into being new parents. 

It’s been three months now since bring baby home now and he gets more perfect everyday. 
Thanks for reading about my birth story and going on the crazy ride with me. 

Wish my luck and keep coming back for updates on how baby J is growing! 


Stop feeling sorry for the young moms

“You’re so young, poor thing” 

“Don’t you wish you could’ve had the college experience?” 

The typical questions I’m sure all young moms have heard probably about as much as a little kid hears “what do you want to be when you grow up?” 

Me? My answer was always that I wanted to be a mom. Probably because my mom is truly one of the best out there if not THE best, but it didn’t matter how old I was my answer never changed. Being a mom is literally all I had ever wanted. 

So stop judging me. Stop feeling bad that I “missed out” on the college experience. I can’t say I don’t picture what my life would look like when I scroll passed my friends posts on Facebook getting all dressed up to go out to some club on a random Wednesday night, or when they tell me stories about the 3 different dates they’ve been on in the past month. I don’t think they’re wrong in the life they’ve chosen to live. I’m not here to judge them for their choices, I love watching their snapchat stories and their weekly phone calls to me telling me all about the frat party they got invited to or the new fundraiser their sorority is doing or the mission trip they get to go on. But not for one second do I wish I was in their shoes. I don’t think I should be judged or pitied for that. 

When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to start walking through the baby aisle with a purpose instead of seeing all the baby clothes and having no reason to buy them. When you see me standing in the baby aisle of the grocery store with my little boy trying to figure out which sunscreen I should buy him don’t look so confused or concerned. I see you as you try to sneak a peek at my left hand to see if I’m married. God forbid I got out without my ring on; so young and not married!? Say it isn’t so! Well, it isn’t so. I have the most perfect and cutest baby in the world, and an amazing husband who makes me laugh so hard I cry on a daily basis. But how could you know that just by looking at me from the 10 second walk passed me in the grocery store? You can’t. So don’t try and judge me based off the brief moment of my life you witness when I happen to be out with my son. 

I thank God everyday for the beautiful family he has given me and I look at being married so young and starting a family so young as more time to enjoy the two loves of my life. I wouldn’t take any of it back. Not being barely 19 when I got married and not being barely 20 when I had a baby. Now let me say that I don’t think if you wait till you’re 35 to get married and start a family that you’re wrong. Because you’re not! Waiting to have children or not having children at all is up to you. It’s your life! If having a career is your goal instead of a family I certainly won’t judge you for it. As I should not be judged for achieving my goal of being a wife and mom at such a young age. Again, I believe as women we all need to support one another in reaching goals no matter how they differ from the goals we have set for ourselves. How else are we going to get through life without other women out there to support us. 

So, the next time you see a young mom out at the grocery store, or out at the park, or in school, or wherever you may see her don’t feel sorry for her. Standing in the grocery store trying to pick a baby sunscreen, or chasing her toddler around the playground could be all she’s ever wanted. 

The ugly truth about breastfeeding: The first 30 days 

Before you read on let me say that this post is not meant to discourage any mommy’s out there who are struggling to breastfeed. I promise you it gets better and I hope this post gives you hope that even though it is hard and ugly at some times it gets better! 

So, like I said… IT’S HARD 

In every sense of the word breastfeeding was hard for me. Physically, emotionally and mentally hard. Getting a good latch was hard, my boobs literally got HARD, breastfeeding in public was such a struggle, learning how to get my baby to latch while having to use an annoying cover was hard. 

If you’re a mom who had a magical breastfeeding experience let me tell you how jealous I am of you. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. Everyone had told me how “natural” it is and how “breast is best.” I had a heard a few bad stories about how sore you get and blah blah but I had NO idea. 

Right after Jaxon was born (I’m talking minutes here) he latched perfectly to ONE side, it’s like he already had a preference to one boob right out of the gate! I tried different holds and everything. Nope. Wasn’t working! 

Then came the pump… Let me tell you ladies I would rather cut off a finger than have to be strapped to a pump 24/7 again. Having to pump was draining… Literally. Since I was SO sore to keep my supply up I had to pump every hour and a half to two hours. I felt like a cow. 

I had read on other mommy blogs that the first two weeks of breastfeeding you really have to push through because, hey your nipples aren’t used to having a little tiny human sucking on them every hour and a half! And it’s exhausting being strapped to a pump all day, or being a human pacifier. Those mommy bloggers were rjght! Every latch would make me tear up, it felt as if a little needle was poking my nipple every time! I pushed through those two weeks though determined to make this work. (Tip: I used the Honest Co. Nipple balm to help ease the pain and help repair my nipples in between feedings). 

Side note: You WILL accidentally squirt milk into your babies eye and on his face. It just happens. Don’t feel too bad about it. 

As the weeks continued everything seemed okay even though we still only had a good latch on one side. I consulted with a Lactation consultant who gave me different holds to try with BF on that side and nothing worked. I also wasn’t producing enough anymore. I felt so defeated. I was sore and in pain trying to do what everyone said was best for my baby. I didn’t understand. This was supposed to be natural and amazing and instead I was having trouble at every turn.

It was a rough first month and a half for me, but I was determined not to give up. We finally got a good latch on both sides! I still have to supplement formula sometimes, which I felt so guilty about at first then I remember I decided a long time ago not to let anyone make me feel bad for the way I raise my baby. All I see is “Breast is best” swirling around the internet and honestly I believe a fed baby is the best baby! Breast feeding did not come as natural to me as I thought it would, it was a struggle to push through and unfortunately some moms don’t even get the chance. One of my good friends who had her daughter a few months before I had Jaxon struggled from the very beginning as her milk never came in! As moms we all need to unite in motherhood and support each other no matter how we choose to feed our perfect little humans. 

I am grateful that I was able to get through the tough times and continue to breastfeed baby J. Every time I look down into his little hazel eyes looking up at me as he eats I can’t help but get a little emotional. It’s an amazing bond him and I share that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Having to work so hard for it almost makes it that much sweeter now. Breastfeeding IS as magical and amazing as people say it is, but it doesn’t always begin that way. If you have the desire and get the chance to breastfeed PUSH THROUGH. Don’t give up even when it seems like it doesn’t get any better. Trust me, it gets better I’ve been there! I promise it is so worth it. 

If you’re a new momma reading this congratulations and good luck on your new amazing adventure (breastfeeding or not) it’s AMAZING.